Current version: 0.1.0
Release date: 14.02.2009

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Download Cognitive OpenOCR (Cuneiform) (with english interface)


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CuneiForm. In our modern world you can hardly think about simply retyping documents into a computer, because they usually have images and other elements of decoration which you you will not be able to copy into your computer without scanning. And only such modern and perfect system as CuneiForm can reproduce an original document form, including images, tables, columns, paragraphs, indentions, font styles and sizes.

CuneiForm is a famous Russian software width established traditions. It combines broad experience acquired by Russian scientists with the most advanced achievements in the field of optical recognition as cognitive analysis algorithm, adaptive recognition of characters, meridian segmentation of tables, neuron nets, etc.

Other features of Cuneiform

Support of 20 languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Mixed Russian-English, Ukrainian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Serbian, Croatian, Polish and others.

Every language is supplied with a dictionary which lets do a context check of recognized characters and improve the recognition results.

Built-in text editors does not rank below popular text processor in its functionally. Using it you can easily work with images, tables, columns, various fonts, headers and footers.

Built-in wizards guide you through all stages of scanning and recognition and help to reach the goal quickly.

Recognition of tables of of different structure even with cells not separated by lines.

Improved automatic and semiautomatic searching of text, tables and images, that makes the work with documents of complex structure highly flexible, it has also powerful means of manual fragmentation.

CuneiForm provides flow document input and has a future of flow scanning and recognition. This program is indispensable for whose who inputs hundreds of pages from books and magazines and needs a means of fast automatic recognition and sorting.

CuneiForm ensures scanning from remote scanner in a local network. There can be only one scanner in office, but it will be available for everybody to use.